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I can put you into words.

I am adept at drafting plans, documenting processes, and delivering presentations. I write and edit brochures, blurbs, business plans, narratives, scripts, stories, letters, proposals, and guidelines.


I work with a variety of clients on a range of projects. I will:

•  edit your report so it reads well and is error-free
•  write website and direct-mail copy to attract a larger audience to your company or project
•  craft internal communications that inspire your employees
•  draft emails that help you engage with your customers or members
•  teach your employees how to write and deliver killer presentations

I love to work with small businesses as well as arts and civic organizations to develop messaging that builds business and fosters community. I enjoy coaching individuals on communication and public speaking, and I teach courses on writing and language.

One of my most rewarding experiences has been teaching creative writing to women who are rebuilding their lives after incarceration and life on the streets.